faerie's finest is an emporium of gourmet seasonings and ingredients offering a wide variety of natural sea salts, gourmet loose teas, distinctively flavored sugars, cocoas and salts, unique seasoning blends, herbs and spices, bakery quality flavor extracts, alcohol-free flavor powders, and pure essentials oils.
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premium loose teas

individual teas, tea blends and flavored teas

a fragrantly delicious cup of freshly brewed tea Throughout the world a cup of tea is more than just a beverage.  In many cultures it is a ritual that has been passed down through generations.  In places where it is only safe to drink boiled water, the act of brewing tea is tied to survival and health.  In some countries it is so much a part of daily life that it unthinkable to go through a day without tea.

In America tea has become common place - instant tea and bottled tea are available in every supermarket.  Gather round any coffee pot and you will also find tea bags and hot water for brewing.  The combination of economical shipping and the internet has given people access to an unprecedented range of teas.

In our busy, fast paced society people are discovering the benefits of tea.  From the restorative value of antioxidants to the calming ritual of brewing a cup, tea gives us a chance to slow down.

A cup of tea is a delight for all the senses: the unique shapes and colors of the dried leaves, the sound of boiling water creates anticipation, the aroma arising from the steeping tea, the soothing warmth as you cradle the hot cup in your hands and finally that first sip as it rolls over your tongue.

Teas are best when used within one year of purchase.  To protect teas from the damaging effects of air and light, tea should be stored in opague, airtight containers.  We use resealable, foil bags that keep your tea fresh and delicious.

Our premium loose teas will soon be available in regular and sample size foil bags on Amazon.com.  Prices and content weight vary by individual tea.

Please contact us directly for case lots or bulk quantities.

all teas black oolong green white herbal decaf
individual teas
ali mountain
anxi oolong
bai mu dan white
black velvet
ceylon select
ceylon - decaffeinated
china black
darjeeling select
darjeeling green
darjeeling oolong
darjeeling white
dragonwell green
dragonwell select
emerald spring
formosa oolong
fuji gold
genmai cha
golden monkey
green pekoe
green rooibos
gunpowder green
jade oolong
jasmine green
jasmine oolong
jasmine pearl
jasmine select
jasmine white
kambaa black kenyan
keemun black
keemun premium
lapsang souchong
milima black kenyan
nilgiri green organic decaf
nilgiri black
oolong select
panfired green
phoenix oolong
pi lo chun
pu erh
pu erh select
ti kuan yin
sencha green
silver needle
soushun green
sweet yunnan
sweet zheijang green
white monkey
white peony
wuyi oolong
yerba mate
yun wu organic
yunnan black
yunnan gold
zhejiang green
tea blends
bright mint
english breakfast
floral delight
floral rooibos
ginger spice
honey chai
honey mint
irish breakfast
lavender white
lemongrass white
masala chai
orange rose rooibos
red chamomile
roaring red
rooibos chai blend
rose pouchong
scottish breakfast
sweet african
serenity herbal blend
wake up
white rose
yerba chai
flavored teas
almond decaf
apple green
apple decaf
berry hibiscus
berry hibiscus decaf
caramel apple oolong
chai decaf
chai green loose leaf
cherry jasmine
cherry jasmine decaf
cherry vanilla
cherry vanilla decaf
cinna-mint decaf
citrus blend
citrus blend decaf
citrus green
coconut jasmine
double mint
double mint decaf
duke grey
earl grey
earl grey with lavender
earl grey decaf
french earl grey
ginger green
ginger decaf
green earl grey
lavender decaf
lemon chai
lemon ginger
lemon ginger decaf
lemon mint
lemon mint decaf
moroccan blend
moroccan blend decaf
oolong earl grey
orange spice
orange spice decaf
peach nutmeg
peach nutmeg decaf
pomegranate green
pomegranate decaf
pumpkin spice
raspberry decaf
rose decaf
spearmint green
strawberry cream
strawberry cream decaf
tangerine decaf
vanilla decaf
vanilla chai
vanilla chai decaf
vanilla earl grey
vanilla mint
vanilla mint decaf
vanilla rooibos
white earl grey